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Welcome to the best online Christmas wish list on the Internet.  My Christmas Wish List lets you share your list with a designated group or groups of family members and friends. And unlike all other similar sites, this site gives you the ability to view what has already been bought for someone so you won't double-buy!  It works just like a wedding or baby gift registry, but with more control. No other site offers these features.

Is your family spread out across multiple cities?  Do you ever wind up double-buying for someone, or receiving the same gift from two different people?  Here is the answer!  With our purchase tracking feature, now you know before you buy a gift if someone else has already bought it.  No more returning extra gifts!

Yet, the best feature of all is that this service is FREE!  You and your loved ones can share the services of this site for free through the holiday season. While you are here, don't forget to make use of some of the links we have provided to help you do some of your Christmas shopping online!

So click here to sign up now and begin taking advantage of this one-of-a-kind Web site.

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